Watch solar eclipse livestream today with commentary, poetry and music

What is special about the total Solar eclipse occurring today ?

The phenomenon of moon passing between Earth and sun, and scoring a bull’s-eye by completely blocking out the sunlight, otherwise known as solar eclipse is something that happens very year. This time its special though because for the first time in 99 years United states main land will be witness to a total solar eclipse that will stretch from coast to coast. The last time United States mainland was exposed to a total solar eclipse was in the year 1979 when it swooped across Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota, then into Canada while the previous one that extended coast to coast occurred in 1918. The one about to happen today it will sweep diagonally across the entire United States.

Total solar eclipse 2017

Starting from Lincoln City, Oregon, as the lunar shadow makes its way into the US. This path will be 97 to 113 kilometers wide (60 to 70 miles). It will cross from Oregon into Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and, finally, South Carolina. It will also pass over tiny slivers of Montana and Iowa. The eclipse will last longest near Carbondale, Illinois: two minutes and 44 seconds.

We will be doing a live broadcast of the eclipse along with commentary as this once a century phenomenon takes place. You can join us here.

Surya grahan 2017 dekhe

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