Raghu Dixit – Part 1 | JamToast | Episode 4

Raghu Dixit is an internationally acclaimed indie folk musician, who fuses Indian ethnic sounds beautifully with many genres and musical styles. In the part 1 of this episode, learn about Raghu’s little horror story with food, while touring in Japan. Here are a few more things Raghu talks about in this episode.

  • Touring in India v/s Touring in UK
  • Funniest moments on tour
  • “Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo” is NOT about smoking Hookah
  • Playing only happy songs
  • Owning a scooter

& more

JamToast is a regular music jam and talk show where Indie musicians talk about their musical journey, their life and music, the inspirations and influences, and their views on the emerging indie music scene of India.

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