Kryptos frontman Nolan Lewis, LIVE

Join us on October 3rd 2017, when Vidyaa Prakash would get into a Q&A session with Nolan Lewis, the frontman of Kryptos.

The event would be broadcast on FB Live and Periscope, and audience questions posted in the comments would be answered.

Nolan Lewis and Ganesh formed the band Kryptos 19 years ago when they were in college. Since then, Kryptos is a heavy metal band that has spearheaded the Indian metal revolution, from Bangalore, India.

The band has released four albums and are popular in Germany, Argentina and other parts of Europe. Kryptos is the first Indian metal band to complete a cross country tour of Europe and have played at the biggest heavy metal festival in the world – Wacken Open Air – twice.

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