Imsignificant | Episode 9 | Saarus Nirhali

Saarus Nirhali talks about Glassmaking in her own venture!

Why is a farmer called a horticulturist? Why do we complicate things? Why can we not switch careers if we want to? What ties us down?

Watch the talented Saarus, a glassmaker, share her life story of how she came to be a glass maker and what are the functionings of her studio.

But, is having a career that you have chosen for yourself, enough? What does it take to be the master of your life? What are the values that one must learn, invest in and promote? How can you become who you truly are from within?

Courage is the answer to all the above questions. Watch Saarus tell us about the incidences of bravery and what have been her rules for life.

In this episode of Imsignificant, by White Box Live, watch Saarus share what she knows about life

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