A Death in the Gunj | Film Friday | Vardhanam Daga | Episode 3

A review of Konkona Sen Sharma‘s directorial debut, A Death in the Gunj, by Vardhanam Daga. Watch this space for honest reviews and to discover new exciting cinem

Court | Vardhanam Daga | Film Friday | Episode 1

A review of the acclaimed Marathi movie, Court, by Vardhanam Daga. Watch this space for honest movie reviews and to discover new exciting cinema. The entire Film Friday series can be found here:…

M.S. Sathyu | Special Edition | On History

M.S Sathyu on History This legendary filmmaker has seen the way India and the world has changed, adapted and fallen time and again. Watch him talk about how art and history come together and what is the impact of this correlation! Here, M.S. Sathyu expresses his concerns, anger and hopes for what India could have […]

M.S. Sathyu | Special Edition | On Religion and Culture

M.S Sathyu on Religion and Culture What happens when a revolutionary filmmaker comments on religion and culture in a very new and fresh way? Watch M.S. Sathyu, an established filmmaker and set designer comment on tradition, culture, religion and how it ties together or breaks film. What comprises an Indian? Are Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings […]

M.S. Sathyu | Special Edition | On Authenticity | Part 1

M.S. Sathyu on Authenticity M.S. Sathyu is an Oscar Nominee and a Padma Shri Award Winner. He is the pioneer of authenticity in cinema for films like Garm Hawa, because of the trueness of his production designs and directorial skills. Mr. Sathyu is a talented director, set designer and thinker. His understanding of cinema and […]

Marsiya | Muharram Special | Kafeel Jafri | Shayari | Episode 7

What is Marsiya? In this episode of Shayari, Kafeel Jafri explains the relation between Urdu Poetry and Azadari (medium of expression of grief and protest against the Killing of Imam Hussain) and recites a piece of Marsiya, a form of Urdu Poetry, specifically used in Muharram. This Marsiya is about the King of Halab (now known […]

Sabse Khatarnak by Pash | Shayari | Kafeel Jafri | Episode 7

Sabse Khatarnak by Avtar Singh Sandhu Avtar Singh Sandhu or more commonly known by his pen name ‘Pash’ was a revolutionary poet, was a major figure in Punjabi literature. He was known for his bold and evocative writing.

Munshi Premchand | Shayari | Kafeel Jafri | Episode 5

Munshi Premchand, the author of some great novels like Godan, Gaban and great short stories like Eidgah, was one of the stalwarts of Hindi Literature. Watch Kafeel read one of his lesser known but strongest pieces “Thakur Ka Kuan” over here.

Shayari | Kafeel Jafri | Episode 6 | Wasim Barelvi

Wasim Barelvi is a contemporary Urdu poet who is extremely renouned for his contribution to Urdu poetry. His style of reciting his poem in Maushairas is as simple and beautiful as the poetry itself.