Chaaya with Maya | Episode 1 | Rocky Horror Picture Show & Independent Cinema

Watch Lavanya bare it all to Maya the Drag Queen. What films to watch if you are queer and where to find them.

Chaaya with Maya | Episode 1 | ‘Perfect children’ and turn ons & turn offs

What turns Lavanya on? Who is a perfect child? A show with Maya the Drag Queen where our guest gets up close and personal about her sexuality

Chaaya with Maya | Episode 1 | Gender Rights & Virmandy the Cat

Lavanya talks to Maya the Drag Queen about gender, sexuality and being pansexual (and her favourite pets)

Chaaya with Maya | Episode 1 | Puberty and Acceptance

Lavanya talks to Maya the Drag queen about the difficulty of puberty and growing up not like the other girls. Being confused about her sexuality and what her friends say.

Chaaya with Maya | Episode 1 | Monogamy & Gas-lighting

Is a pansexual person monogamous? What do parents do when they find out their child has an alternate sexuality?

I’msignificant | Season 2 | Coming Soon!

This video is to remember the success of our I’msignificant Season 1 and tell you that we are coming up with Season 2 very soon! Thankyou Shiny-Alexander, Pooja D Gupta, Babita Jaishankar, Paws R Us, Sayli Rajadhyaksh, Sowmya Bhargav, Rashmi Naren, Lakshmi Priya, Saarus Nirhali, Parama Ghosh for being with us! And of course, a big thank you to our very own Aahana Banerjee! Stay tuned with White […]

Diwali away from home? | Diwali special with Anshulika

Are you away from home this Diwali? If yes, what are your plans? What do you miss the most about not being at home? We asked these questions to a bunch of people and here’s what they had to say. Happy Diwali from White Box Live with our beautiful host Anshulika Kapoor.

Fitting In | Season Finale | Alex Mathew + Maya (The Drag Queen)

This season finale has Alex Mathew talking about his personal journey of coming out as a gay man, constantly questioning gender norms and his ‘interaction’ with Maya – a sassy ‘Queen of Love’.

The Doctor Who Can (Literally) Feel Your Pain | Sci-Live | Episode 1

We spoke with Joel Salinas, MD, a neurologist who suffers from Mirror-Touch synesthesia, a rare condition that enables you to feel another person’s sensations.

Imsignificant | Season 1 Finale – Ep 12 | Babita Jaishankar

The guest for the season finale episode of #Imsignificant is Babita Jaishankar, a self-made woman, who is an image make-over expert, and the founder of BAJA-The new you – a new age women’s clothing line. Here’s a short trailer of the episode, with Aahana, a wonderful host, talking to Babita. Watch the full episode here –