Apple Keynote 2017 LIVE | Analysis

On September 12, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook opened the 2017 keynote event in the newly opened Steve Jobs Theatre. The event was marked with launch of some of the most advanced technologies Apple has created till date. Here is a quick lowdown of the prominent announcements made during the event:

  1. The biggest announcement, by far, was the launch of iPhone X. The new iPhone X features a built-in neural network engine, which, coupled with TrueDepth camera, can identify you and allow you to unlock your phone just by looking at it. They call this technology FaceID.
  2. The inclusion of the TrueDepth camera and neural network engine allows face tracking (in fact, detailed feature tracking), allowing them to create, for example, emojis that mimic the facial movements of the user.
  3. The NN engine included opens a whole new world Рwe are soon going to start seeing some really really smart applications that are going to seem too magical. Interestingly, its designed and built by Apple, along with the CPU and the processing unit.
  4. The Apple Watch has now been rated as the best watch in the world, and can detect arrhythmatic heartbeats.
  5. The iPhone now includes an augmented reality engine, heralding in the beginning of true augmented reality apps. Your App Store is about to get refreshed with a whole new suite of apps that harness the AR engine.
  6. They also announced a Apple 4K TV, with HDR support. This is Apple’s first foray into the TV screen world, and things are about to get really heated there. That’s the screen where the fight will ensue.
  7. The FaceID technology, I am going to repeat, is seriously insane. It works in the dark, and the way it does so is by projecting IR dots on your face, and then reading your facial structure and running a NN algorithm to do exact matching. What more, its accuracy is higher than TouchID technology – Apple claims that its error rate is 1 in a million.
  8. The AirPower device allows wireless charging of all upcoming Apple devices – from the iPhones to Apple Watch to those little AirPods. So, no more carrying several wires — just put your iPhone on top of the AirPower device, and you get charging.
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