About Us

The new video revolution is just starting in India, a country with a continuous history of five thousand years, a country with diverse cultures and languages, a country with countless stories yet to be told.  WhiteBoxLive was born out of this desire.  We – Aditi, Anshuman, Raga, and Soum – got together this summer and decided to shoot a webseries, Chingari, using Raga’s house as the primary set — a intense thriller that spans three generations of a family. During the shoot of the series, we had a number of learnings around the future of media, content creation and delivery, and it became the origin of a new disruptive media company WhiteBox.


WhiteBox started with art, music, culture. From live music shows to comedy skits, fashion divas talking about latest catwalk hits to showcasing Indian textiles, profiling women entrepreneurs to discussing teen issues.  We started showcasing poets and painters, movie directors and musicians, women entrepreneurs and wizards of science. We started experimenting with live video with interactivity where viewers can ask questions, share their stories and be part of the show.  Our goal now is to reach the more than 500 million smartphone users in the last untapped media market in the world.


WhiteBox is now a leading media company with an experienced management team and is now a full-fledged online TV channel, and has become India’s first post-cable network.  WhiteBox has already piloted three channels – WhiteBox Impact (business and finance), WhiteBox Life (culture and women’s issues) and WhiteBox Vibe (music and other performing arts), and we are working heavily towards disruptive content formats, media technology, and transforming the delivery mechanisms for online media.
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